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Sunday, July 25, 2021
Enduring to the end!

Truth Matters! 4

Is  This  Another  Precious  Example  Of  Bible  Prophecy  Fulfillment?
Scripture states in II Timothy 4:3, 4 the following end-time prediction:

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but
according to their own desires because they have itching ears, they will heap
up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their ears away from the truth,
and be turned aside to fables.  (NKJV – emphasis mine)

WOW!  Many have called the theory of evolution a fable or myth, even those who, because of the evidence they considered while yet evolutionists, have become creationists.  Even this famous statement comes from a scientist who was not a creationist at the time of his book’s release:

I believe that one day the Darwinian myth will be ranked
the greatest deceit in the history of science. 

Soren Lovtrup in Darwinism: The Refutation of a Myth.
Croomhelm, New York, 1987, pg. 422 (emphases mine) 

The theory of evolution has so much factual information against it, including scientific, rational and Biblical data.  Yet, the adherents/defenders of this view will not give up their faith in this godless myth of origins.  Scripture states that these attitudes will be rampant  prior to the glorious return of Jesus Christ.  These days are upon us.  What a day in which to live!  Evolutionary theory is indeed a fable.  Once again, the Bible demonstrates itself to be reliable.  God is faithful to His Word.

Yet, in spite of all the reasons to continue living in the light of His Word, many within churches reject Biblical Truth and affirm myth contrary to the Truth.  They hold to a mixture of personal religious opinion (i.e., far-from-the-text interpretation) and scientific error (i.e., theoretical vs. observed) and believe in Progressive Creation, Theistic Evolution, etc.  How can they do this given the evidence?  God’s Word teaches many will turn their ears away from the truth and believe in myth.  Sure enough, it’s happening today.  No possible denial for those who are observing what is indeed taking place today.

Our concern here, though (in relation to this topic), is how the discussion about this crucial issue is being conducted within the context of contemporary Christianity.  There are many occasions where some are being called divisive because they simply state what it is that the Bible clearly teaches.  How can this be?  Let me further explain.
Do we, as His people, persist in teaching Biblical Truths that are currently rejected by the popular majority, or do we bow to the pressure of the accusations that we are sowing discord among the family of God when we refuse to reject sound doctrine?  This is what some are charging God’s people with when these obedient followers of Jesus Christ continue to stand up and speak out for Truth.  But is unity within the church of God to be placed at such a high priority that those who speak the Word of God in such a way that is contrary to the positions in vogue are seen as evil because they are contributing to controversy within the family?  Who determines the line of what is appropriate and what is not?  The speaking of the Word of God should not bring about division among those who are His—possibly with those who do not bow to His authority (those who might actually be wolves in sheep’s clothing), but not with those who rightly acknowledge His rule over their lives.  Biblical doctrine must be upheld.  Read I & II Timothy.  Time and time again the readers are exhorted to persist in sound doctrine.

A dear friend of mine is currently being watched because he persists in speaking the Truth in love in his church.  He continues to remind the congregation—his home church, mind you!— that there is a difference between listing the possible creation opinions of man and that of listening to, accepting and heeding what the Scriptures clearly teach.  He has felt as if he is being viewed as the divisive one by some of the members of his believing community due to his commitment to the Word of God on this subject.  How can this be happening in God’s churches today?  Who really are the bad guys here? 

Years ago when I was asked, “What creation view do you espouse?” I was laughed at when I said, completely aware of the many creation interpretations that are offered today, “The Biblical one.”  Yes, I was laughed at.  Has it gotten to this?  Is there no longer a Biblical account of creation?  On another occasion, a Bible professor corrected  me when I was simply using the Genesis account of creation as the general description of Biblical creation because I did not include some of the other passages that mention creation.  Have we come so far that we falsely accuse those who are simply stating what the Bible clearly teaches?  This is happening in our evangelical churches.  WOW!

May we discern our day and mark those who contribute to the questioning of God’s eternal Word.  We are to preach the Word and continue to instruct the sincere family of God toward our being nurtured in the words of faith and good doctrine (II Timothy 3, 4 and I Timothy 4:1-11).  God’s Word also states that there will be division, offense and betrayal in the days just prior to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and His people’s gathering to Him (Matthew 24:9, 10; Luke 21:16).  Is this once again another precious example of the unfolding of yet other Bible prophecies?

Rejoice, rejoice, o Christian (“…whatever men may say”), for our salvation is drawing near!  Praise be to God.  May each and every one of us who are His draw near to our heavenly Father through time in His Word.  His precious Holy Spirit will minister powerfully to us as we abide in our Vine, the Lord Jesus Christ.